Kindly join this Private Citizen and Activist in signing this petition to save the Kenyan public from unnecessary ill health and suffering. It could be you or your next of kin suffering next if we let them have their way in Kenya. Sign the petition here.

Grave Concerns

It is with deep concern and to some extent regret that some of us have woken up to the realization that eugenics loving and practicing shadow dark forces and wealthy individuals are desperately trying to use Covid-19 Pandemic to achieve selfish ends of global population reduction without caring for the potential for untold or unquantified wide spread cause of ill health and harm to the innocent public.

Having this concern at the back of his mind, Private Kenyan Citizen Andrew Ochieng Akelo Omogo, a Mandela Washington Fellowship recognized Young African leader, Media and Tech Entrepreneur, Seventh Day Adventist Church Chaplain and Public Policy Activist (ID Number 25079691) has decided to initiate a court petition against some Covid-19 companies to stop them from using their ill prepared  Vaccines to inoculate anyone under the jurisdiction of the Sovereign republic of Kenya from Covid-19 Pandemic.

Concerns from various audio visual sources on various social media platforms, statements released by free thinking, professionally guided and well accomplished credible health practitioners in both Europe, North America and Australia, whose messages have been barred from maliciously misdirecting social media platforms owned by the no longer freedom loving tech giants, have made the private citizen mentioned in this petition to take action to protect the Kenyan innocent public from taking any Covid-19 Vaccine made with the following companies.

  1. Moderna
  2. CanSino Biologics
  3. Inovio
  4. BioNTech / Pfizer
  5. University of Oxford/Astra Zeneca
  6. Novavax
  7. Gamaleya Research Institute
  8. CureVac  
  9. Johnson & Johnson   

The first concern stems from the fact that the companies mentioned above are either owned by or sponsored with funds from individuals and organizations that have been accused of sponsoring Eugenics in their previous endeavors. The second concern stems from the fact that the companies mentioned use Vaccination methods that interfere with the very basic building blocks of a human being instead of responding specifically to the primary concern of curing or preventing the infection of an individual with the Covid-19 Pandemic.

Let it be known

It is important to mention that the Private Kenyan Citizen and Young African leader initiating this court petition is not a blanket anti-Vaccine campaigner, no. We are desperate to defeat the Covid-19 Pandemic. But not desperate to the point that the very basic way we are created as healthy individuals with free thinking capacity is interfered with in the process of defeating a pandemic, whose origin is still yet to be properly ascertained with the global pandemic mitigation leaders having been accused of being involved with criminal virologist endeavors in the past.

The Constitutional Right to Health and Relevance of Petition

The right to health is a fundamental human right guaranteed in the Constitution of Kenya. Article 43 (1) (a) of the Constitution provides that every person has the right to the highest attainable standard of health, which includes the right to health care services, including reproductive health care.

With the aforementioned provision, the private citizen mentioned in this petition therefore request the government of Kenya, through the constitutionally recognized High Court of Kenya, to stop the companies mentioned above from distributing their Covid-19 Vaccines in Kenya and not give them any contracts with stipulations to protect them from lawsuits that come as a result of ill effects of health coming from the use of their ill prepared Vaccines. The companies mentioned above may not be sued in the conceptual Western world, but in Kenya and perhaps, all of Africa, they should be prepared to pay heavily for any ill effects of health on any individual (s) as a result of their speedily ill prepared vaccines.

In this petition is also included the request, through the constitutionally recognized courts of law,  that should this petition be thrown out of court and the Vaccines produced by the companies above be allowed in Kenya, then let the Kenyan political leaders, beginning with His Excellency President Uhuru Kenyatta and his entire family, followed by all Cabinet Secretaries, Members of Parliament and their families, be the first to receive Vaccinations in Public before any innocent Kenyan is Vaccinated.

Sign the Petition

Kindly join Private Citizen, Young African Leader and Activist Andrew Omogo by signing the petition before it’s presented before Judges of the High Court. Help Andrew take an action that will protect us and our families from ill health that could be caused by global Pharmaceutical giants with ill agenda. Sign the Petition and join the many. We must protect our families.